Affordable function from fitness to the field, since 1993 

Inspiring an active lifestyle with respect to the planet.

Our moisture-wicking and odor control performance technology is built-in naturally.
We have over 30 years of expertise in fabric science, so we don't use chemical finishers,
PFAS ("forever chemicals"), spray-on enhancers, silicones, or shortcuts.
Our apparel is trusted and worn by professional athletes and the U.S. Armed Forces.

Made in the USAReduced Carbon Footprint
Los Angeles is where the magic happens, and we operate
within a 20 mile radius to keep our carbon footprint at a minimum.

 We're proud to offer a greener alternative by creating durable and long-lasting activewear and essentials using certified planet-friendly dyes, zero chemical enhancers, and eco-conscious knitting, cutting, and sewing techniques that ensure your clothing won't pill, fade, or shrink.
Greenwashing tactics and bandwagon buzzwords like "sustainable" aren't used,
because sustainability is a goal, not an adjective.
Transparency and precision are our core values and we aim to keep the facts straight.

In this overstimulated world, we've opted for logo-free, high-quality classics that give you back your sartorial sovereignty.
Because you're the best at styling you.

With over three decades of experience, we're a rarity in that we develop and knit our own proprietary fabrics in-house.
Each fabrication undergoes a rigorous R&D process, scientifically assessed, measured, and tested for comfortability, performance attributes, durability and environmental impact. Because we make our own fabrics and do it all, the middlemen are MIA and our clothing stays affordable.

  ALL our dyes are Oeko-Tex® certified planet-friendly.

Our high-efficiency dye machines require 7x -10x less water than the average facility. Cutting-edge, closed loop technology filters used water from each dye job and recycles it for reuse in the next batch.
Read more about these dye standards here

    Eco Conscious Activewear Made in California

We're GOTS certified and a trusted partner of Cotton Leads to ensure we're meeting the worldwide leading organic textile processing standard, and actively working towards the goal of a greener, more sustainable future.
Find out about the GOTS certification process here and the Cotton Leads™ Initiative here


Behind the Name

Just three American brothers who wanted to make the perfect performance shirt.

tra PERformance T-shirt

• A shirt that performs naturally, without toxic chemical finishers or enhancers
• A shirt that doesn't cling or stick to skin
• A shirt with smooth seams that don't chafe or bulge
• A shirt that breathes as it cools
• A shirt to withstand the most rigorous workouts
• A shirt that can be worn everyday with any outfit, because modern life is a marathon
• A shirt that lasts at least a decade, and doesn't pill or degrade