About Us

We're fabric fanatics who endeavored to engineer the best performance fitness shirt on the planet.
Since 1993, our mission has been to inspire an active lifestyle.

No Loud Logos, Just Relaxed Looks

In this overstimulated world, we create fitness apparel essentials without decor because we believe in polished, classic vibes that give you back your sartorial sovereignty when it comes to functional, fashionable style. 

Made In California 

Reduced carbon footprint eco-friendly activewearMade in the usa

We manufacture almost all of our activewear fitness and lifestyle apparel locally in Los Angeles within a 12 mile radius.

Developed • Designed • Knit • Dyed • Cut • Sewn • Packed • Shipped

Fast Fashion has never been what we're about.
Our clothing is comfortable, durable, and long-lasting, so it stays on your body and out of the landfill. Since 1993, we've been making our apparel in California and have been a part of the movement pushing for a green transition by continuously improving our eco-conscious apparel manufacturing practices. 

 • Fabric Fanaticism - Knit to Fit, Tried, Tested & True

With over three decades of experience, we are masters of the loom.

Extremely rare for our industry, we develop and knit our own fabrics. Each fabrication undergoes a rigorous R&D process where it's scientifically assessed, measured, and tested for comfortability, performance attributes, durability and environmental impact.
In doing so, we’ve perfected techniques to maximize the capabilities of our fibers while minimizing waste.

• DYEING - Pigments Without Problems

Bluesign certified and approved activewear and fitness apparel

ALL our dyes are Bluesign® certified eco-friendly.
Our high-efficiency dye machines require 7x -10x less water than the average dye house facility. Cutting-edge closed loop technology filters used water from each dye job and recycles it for reuse in the next batch.
Eco Conscious Activewear Made in California

We're GOTS certified so you know your garment has met the worldwide leading organic textile processing standard.
Find out about the certification process 

Oeko-Tex Certified activewear clothing and sportswear

We're Oeko-Tex® certified to make sure every square-inch of our products is safe for humans and free of harmful chemicals.

 Read more about textile safety standards here

 More announcements in green innovation are coming soon!

Behind the Name

EXtra PERformance T-shirt

• A shirt that doesn't cling or stick to the skin
• A shirt with smooth seams that don't chafe or bulge
• A shirt to withstand the most rigorous workouts
• A shirt that inherently breathes and cools
• A shirt that can be worn everyday, because modern life is a marathon